joi, 30 august 2012

Day 8, 30th of August

(Romanian team and Italian team)
Today we will end the work. It is the cultural visit day. The purpose is to promote Romanian culture and nature and in the same time to spread the promo materials realized during the exchange (flyers, posters, wearing the green T-shirts and the caps).
We started breakfast a little bit earlier today so that we could visit more. We went by bus to Sinaia where we visited Peles Royal Palace.
After that we left to Bran where, in the main market, we spread the flyers, we put the posters on the walls and we informed people about our project and we tried to make them aware about the importance of a healthy way of life. Some of us went visiting the Bran Castle; others chose to stay in town after we finished all our materials.
Because the time permitted we also stopped for a while in Brasov’s city center. Some of us visited the Black Church, The Rope (one of the narrowest street in Europe), the first school in Romania and many other interesting places. Also we interacted with the locals and took pictures with the Brasov’s guard.
In a few words, there was an invasion of green people everywhere!
We went back to the Vila where we had dinner. After we had of activity where we revealed our secret friends and received our youth pass.

Day 7, 29th of August

(Finnish team)

Wednesday welcomed the participants with warm sunshine. After cold and rainy beginning of a week, it was a pleasant change. 

After the breakfast we held the energizer that included the "Fake it, fake it, until you make it" -laughing game and "I love you" -game.

We also met the inspector from the national agency. Inspector was checking how the things were going in the Green Kitchen project.

The whole day was dedicated to the on going media projects with video, flyers, poster and cooking book. All the groups worked hard to complete their tasks for thursdays visit to the city of Bran.

The projects took a little bit more time to complete than was expected. Even thought the night was long, everyone got their work done and were happy to present them before going to well deserved sleep.
In the evening Katri and some others went to see bears and got very good pictures close by. Also Laura learned to whistle with fingers in 30 minutes teached by Alex.

- Antti, Hanna, Katri, Tuire and Laura

Day 6, 28th of August

(Bulgarian team)
 We started the day by doing energizer. We went outside on the street and we play the game “Freeze”. Then we continued with posters and presentation about Gastronomic traditions.  Also we watched videos that presented some countries - Greece, Lithuania and Portugal. Then the leaders have a meeting. At 13.30pm we have lunch, a little break and again energizer called “Ping-Pong ball”. At 15.30pm we want back in the conference room and we started with debate. The topics are: “Vegetarian vs. Eating meat”, “Do you agree or disagree to be forbidden fast food?”, “Do you agree or disagree to avoid the supermarkets?” Finns and Portuguese teams prepared some traditional food for us.  It was delicious. After the dinner we sang together and danced. We enjoy this day.

Day 5, 27th of August

(Portuguese team)

luni, 27 august 2012

Day 4, 26th of August

(Turkish team)

26 August 2012
The day started really energetic after breakfast. We went a nice green to play some trust games and Olympic Games.
The trust games were so creative and useful. After playing, all people were smiling and more close each other.
The other games were funny, energetic and again it helped us to be closer. Everyone had fun. Then we had free time, some of us went to mountain with lift and some of us ate Rumanian food and felt relaxed.
After lunch we had a workshop, we worked with our national groups and we explained national foods, acted our wedding ceremony and explained our meals too. It was helpful to learn other nations.
Especially trust game was very useful to get closer and Olympic Games of Busteni were better than London’s. That included 4 parts, one of them was human bridge and the other one also our favorite one was bottle game (we had be one body to finish this game.) we were really enjoyed while we were playing the balloon game, it was like American Football.
After the breakfast, we went to really good green place. We played some trust games and also we joined Olympic Games, after the games we were tired but it was funny. There was no distance among youngsters after the games.
There was a lifter at the place where we went. We went to top of the small mountain. I took some nice photos of breathtaking landscape.
We had lunch after these activities and started another activity. We prepared a project which showed our national food habits. It was useful activity because we could see interesting food habits from different countries.
At the end of day, we had really good dinner. Bulgarian and Rumanian teams prepared some traditional foods for us, it was delicious. After the dinner, we have danced together. It was really good.
Trust games were very effective to trust the others and made us more close friends, because we learnt to trust somebody when our eyes closed.
Also we were integrated with nature and felt the nature’s soul. Some of us climbed mountain with a lift and reached NIRVANA J
About dinner, it was so good too. Bulgarian and Rumanians made some traditional meals with pork and no pork; so we learnt respect the others. Then we danced together, we have been closer and more European. So it was also useful to destroy our prejudices.

Day 3, 25th of August

(Greek team)
We started our day by doing our energizer. Then we continued with the NGO’s presentation from each country. After that all the participants were informed about the youth in action programs and youth pass. In the evening we had a silent dialogue with the interactive games and activities about ECO and BIO. The funniest were when the participants had to paint an imaginary creature and then present it. Then its group took a picture wearing a handmade item from its drawing. We were looking forward to the dinner because Turkey and Lithuania where cooking. The tables were full of traditional and tasty food and we had a really great time. To sum up, it was a really great day because we learnt how to convert our present lifestyle into a healthier one and we had the opportunity to taste and learn about the traditional food of foreign countries. We are really excited to discover what will happen next.

Day 2, 24th of August

(Lithuanian team)

vineri, 24 august 2012

Day 1, 23rd of Augus

The participants have arrived at Busteni, Vila Cristina, where the activities will take place. We started socializing, getting to know each other after a welcome dinner. Some were tired after a long trip, so they went to bed early, but others preferred to stay up a little bit more and interact. 
We shared some music and other impressions and we had a lot of fun. :)

miercuri, 22 august 2012

Launching the project

The O.D.E.N. Nehoiu association announces the start of a week of activities during the youth exchange EUROPEAN GREEN KITCHEN, a 1.1 action of the program Youth in Action, starting on the 23rd of August 2012.
The activities will take place at Bușteni and will bring together 45 youngsters and youth leaders from 8 organizations from 8 countries: Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Turkey and Romania.
The aim of the project is making youngsters aware of the importance of an education for healthy eating instead an irresponsible one and promoting traditional natural products to reduce the harmful effects of forged and unchecked products on the human health.
To reach this aim we chose a series of objectives:
-          Creating a space for reflection for 45 youngsters from 8 european countries concerning the role of traditional gastronomy and healthy food in developing active citizens.
-          Promoting the attitude of a responsible and aware consumer.
-          Promoting a healthy lifestyle with the help of non formal education.
-          Identifying and fighting against the risks of an unhealthy and irresponsible lifestyle.
-          Creating a new current of opinion between youngsters in order to avoid fake, genetically modified or tested on animals products.
-          Making youngsters aware of the cultural diversity and gastronomic specific tradition.
-          Enhancing the cooperation among youth to accomplish future projects together.
-          Including two youngsters with less opportunities and preparing them to be examples of good behavior within their group of youngsters.
During 7 days of work activities specific non formal education will take place: games, presentations, workshops, intercultural nights, cultural visits.
The project will have 5 interactive cooking workshops where youngsters will present the way of preparing some traditional recipes based, principally, on healthy natural food and it will end with a visual campaign to promote healthy food, which will take place in Bran. Activities are coordinate by people with experience who implemented in a youth exchange about consumer’s attitude last year.
The results of the project will be posted on the blog created by the youth:
The project is financed by the European Commission through the program Youth in Action, action 1.1.
The Organization for Democracy and Non formal Education (O.D.E.N.) is a new youth structure which supports projects and initiatives of and for youth.
For details about this project and other aspects of our activity please contact us.

Responsible for the project,
Fabiola Chiriacescu.

‘This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.’